Windy's Pampered Pet Care, LLC 

~ Pet care provided with love while you are away from home ~

About Me

Going out of town can be a stressful time especially when you have the care of your furry family members to think about. I want to make sure that your pets are provided with quality pet care while you are away, so that you trust that they are in good hands. I will care for them in your absence in order to keep them on their same schedules and routine because this is a very important aspect of pet care. My goal is to allow your furry friends to be comfortable and loved while you are away so that you return to a happy household and smiling pets who have missed you dearly in your absence!

I have loved and cared for animals for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a home where my lovely mother rescued animals and provided a sanctuary for random dogs, cats and even a goat. I was taught to appreciate and respect animals of all kinds and this helped to shape my own views towards animals. I learned that our pets are not just animals, but are very important family members and should be respected as such. I’m thankful that I was taught this wisdom and it has always stuck with me throughout my life. I’ve always known that I had a special connection with animals and as I grew older, I realized that the feeling is mutual and we are drawn to each other for a reason. I’ve befriended many furry friends within the animal kingdom and I have learned that working with and helping animals is my greatest passion in life.

I started pet sitting when I was in college. I walked a little dog named Toby after I attended my classes for some extra money and I soon realized that I loved doing it and I looked forward to taking him on his daily walks in the afternoons. I’ve had people tell me so many times how pleased they are that their animal friend feels so comfortable with me. I’ve also been told that I have a way about me that animals understand and can relate to and I feel this unique bond on a daily basis. As an animal lover, these are some of the greatest compliments that I could ever receive.

I'm happily employed with a pet insurance carrier who provides insurance for our animal friends who need medical care. I'm also an active volunteer with PAWS where I transport injured wildlife from a temporary shelter to their care facility to receive veterinary care for their injuries before being released back into the wild. I'm a true animal activist and I believe in speaking up for our furry friends who don't have a voice. My goal is to work with animals in all aspects of my work and pet sitting is an essential part of that. I enjoy helping and taking care of critters as much as possible and it's a very rewarding hobby. At the end of day, I'm successful if I have made a difference in the lives of our animal friends.

I offer quality pet care as my top priority when taking care of animals. I look forward to providing the best pet care possible for your furry friends…with love while you are away from home.